It's time to design
a reset plan for the rest of you.

Let's talk about self-care.  When it comes to your physical self-care, you probably know when it's time to reboot your healthy body habits.  You might feel sluggish, achy, or unmotivated.  The idea of using diet and exercise to boost your vibrancy has long been mainstream.

But have you ever thought about the other aspects of your life that might also benefit from a focused reboot? That's where the Noise Detox comes in.

Think of Noise Detox as the equivalent of a diet and exercise plan for your mental and emotional self-care. 

If you've felt bogged down, overwhelmed, disconnected or frustrated, it could be time for a Noise Detox.

Life these days can take an emotional toll.  Think about it:  There's a lot coming at you in an unrelenting 24/7 stream.  There are work pressures, financial pressures, relationship pressures... 

In addition to those demands from everyday life, there are all of those extra expectations you put on yourself: to be a good person, to stay healthy, to learn and grow, to make a difference.  

Add to this all of the time and energy it takes up to just keep up -- with the social feeds, the news feeds, the camera feeds... Yes, it can be a bit much.

Noise is all of the things getting your attention and energy, but giving you little to none in return.

At first glance, maybe a person's face or a frustrating project might come to mind. But once you take a minute to dig a little deeper, you might notice other ways you're giving away your energy with no sign of replenishment in sight.  For example, think about:

  • That "to do" list you keep in your head
  • The bathroom drawer that makes you silently growl at yourself every time you open it
  • The endless back-to-back meetings scheduled on your calendar
  • The financial goals you're not quite meeting
  • And all the different ways you "should" on yourself throughout the day...

Look, I get it.  There are LOTS of opportunities in day-to-day life, lots of different areas vying for our attention.

But here's the deal:  It's really easy to let the noise build up if we don't pay attention to it.

The goal of a Noise Detox? I want you to feel like yourself again. Here's how:

What you can expect

  • Noise Detox is a 4 week / 28-day cleanse to reduce the distractions and emotional vampires in your life.

  • Each week, you'll receive targeted support to help you reduce the noise that's eroding your focus and joy.

  • Daily prompts will include practical ideas, tools, and resources to support you in reducing the noise and realigning your life with what matters most to you.

  • You will focus on finding simple ways for you to make tiny shifts that over time, will add up and help you step out of the chaos and back into your flow.

  • You will hone in on the different sources of noise in your life and use a "catch and release" process to let them go.

  • You will tune in to your emotions to help you get really clear on those things that create more clutter than value, so you can confidently let yourself stop doing them.

  • You will create a customized plan you can use every day to make sure you experience more of those things that add up to your vision for your quality of life.

  • You will get individualized feedback and support to help you make the shifts you need and bring your plan to life.

  • You will not focus on things outside of your control, be expected to make giant changes, or be overwhelmed by the work.

  • You will not have to join any other groups or go to any other platforms to participate. It's all right here.


  • How do I access the course materials?

    All content will be accessible from this site. This includes any face-to-face zoom sessions, discussion boards, and tools you can download.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You will be able to access the course site for one year from the time of your registration.

    If you register before the official launch, you are invited to use that pre-launch time to ask questions, share your goals, and engage with other learners on the course discussion board.

  • What if I'm not available for one of the face-to-face sessions?

    Any live sessions will be recorded, and you'll find those recordings in your course materials.

  • I'm really busy. How much time will I need to commit to get through everything?

    You should expect to be able to complete each week's activities, including the on-line learning and real-life practice exercises, in one hour or less.

    Remember, this course is about eliminating what's not necessary to make room for more of what you love. So I'm committed to not adding to your noise!